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A Pole Barn Kit is Fun For the Whole Family

If you want to increase the storage space on your land, consider saving money by purchasing a pole barn kit to build your barn yourself.

Why a pole barn kit?

Pole barns are sturdy, economical and flexible outbuildings that can be used for everything from storing hay to creating office space, pole beans are the great buildings for both permanent and temporary purposes.

What is a pole barn kit

A pole barn is a building that doesn’t require sides as part of its structural integrity. Instead, poles line the perimeter and interior of the building, supporting the roof – which can be gabled or hipped and built in any style with any materials. Walls too, on barns which have them, can be built from any material that you wish: corrugated metals is the most common, but vinyl, cement boards and wooden sides are also popular.

Pole Barn Kit - Commercial Pole Building in Douglassville, PA

When you purchase a pole barn kit the price of the kit will be dependent on what materials you wish to use. You can buy kits for all sizes of pole barn, from garage or shed size all the way up on through massive kits for holding entire herds of livestock – both with and without sides.

History of the pole barn kit

Pole barns became popular in the 1930’s because of the economics of building them. The 1930’s was all about saving money wherever possible, much like today, and the pole barn structure that was invented is a reflection of that.

What comes in your pole barn kit

Your pole barn kit will include everything you need to make a pole barn, including sliding doors, rollers and roofing. It will be delivered on pallets right to your front door, so you’ll need to make sure there is somewhere to put it while you put it together. If you work diligently, your pole barn will go together in a matter of days. If the project seems too big for you to handle, your pole barn kit distributor can help you find a general manager who can manage the building of your pole barn kit for you.

With a pole barn kit, everyone can create a space for storing anything from livestock to bicycles in their backyard. A pole barn kit is a great project for you and your family to do together; you may want to add a garage to your home, or an office that is separate from the main building. With a pole barn kit you can do all of that and more.

By Tam Lapp

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