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Building a Pole Barn : Useful Structures on a Farm

It might seem like a great idea to build your own pole barn, but why would you? Yes, you can go to your favorite local home improvement center and get all the supplies you need, but why do it yourself? There are so many professional companies out there who do it for you – and do a better job of it too.

40'W X 60'L X 12'H Pole barn Building in Shoemakersville, PA

Pole Barn Uses

Pole barns are incredibly useful spaces. Originally meant as a shelter for animals or hay, they can also be used to create indoor riding arenas, as a boat or car garages, office space and more. They have such a wide variety of uses that pole barns are becoming one of the most favored buildings throughout the countryside for both temporary and permanent structures.

Pole Barn Cost and Materials

The pole barn became popular in the 1930’s when the desire to keep costs low was at a premium. These barns are cost effective because they do not require sides for internal stability. Your pole barn will consist of a series of posts lining the perimeter (and potentially the interior) every eight feet of your barn to hold up the roof, which can be flat, gabled or hipped. The trusses for the roof rest directly on the poles, taking any pressure off of where the sides could be. Pole barn can range anywhere from three thousand to thirty thousand dollars depending on the size and materials used. Fancier materials, such as vinyl siding, will cost more than a barn with no siding. As a yacht -sized barn will cost more than a two car garage – it’s all in what you make from it.


Depending on what it’s being used in your barn may or may not have sides. Pole barns for the housing of livestock will certainly have some form of side going all the way to the roof, but a barn housing an arena may not have any sides at all and a barn for sheltering feed may only have half walls. You can easily customize your walls for your needs with a pole barn.

Building a pole barn is a great way to increase the functional space of your home or farm swiftly and inexpensively. You can build it to match your home, and have it painted a bright color, or you can leave it simple with corrugated metal sides depending on your need. This type of barn is a great investment because they are sturdy but also easily replaceable should the need arise. Purchase or build a pole barn for all your outbuilding needs.

By Tam Lapp

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