Residential Pole Building in Fredericksburg, Virginia

40’W x 80’L x 16’H

Residential Pole Building in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Project Overview

  • OPEN LEAN TO: 12’W x 80’L x 10’H – 2/12 Roof Pitch stepped 4′ down from eave – 4×6 Treated Posts 10′ O.C – 2×6 Treated Y Bracing @ Posts.
  • Posts: 3 Ply 2×6 Glue Laminated POST SAVERS on Main Building – 4×6 Treated at Lean to.
  • Trusses: Clear Span 8/12 Pitch Attic Trusses 2′ O.C – 16’W x 80’L x 8’H Room Size – ¾” Plywood Floor – 36″ L Shape Stairway.
  • Truss Supports: (2) No.1 Headers (1 each side of post) – Hurricane Tie Straps.
  • Framing: No.1 or No. 2 Kiln Dried 2×4 Roof Purlins & Horizontal Wall Girts spaced 24″ O.C
  • Roofing & Siding: Painted 29 GA. Steel, 40 Year Metal Roof and Sides with Trim Package (Rat-Guard Included) Choice of 20 Colors.
  • Misc. Siding: 2′ Clear Panels on all walls (1′ metal to cover header @ eaves).
  • Misc. Siding: 4′ High Wainscot around bottom of building.
  • Insulation: Double Bubble Roof & Wall Insulation with Ridge Vent.
  • Roof Overhangs: Overhang boxed-in w/ vented soffit & fascia trim: 12” Sidewalls, 12″ Gable Ends, 6″ overhangs on dormers, (1) 3’ V-Peak Roof Cantilever.
  • Entry Doors: (2) 3′ Wide 6 Panel – Vinyl Jambs & Molding, (1) 4′ x 7′ Loft Door (front gable loft end).
  • Windows: (10) 36″ x 44″ Insulated w/grids & screen (14 Total windows in entire building, including 4 in dormers)
  • Cupolas: (1) 48″ WORKING Cupola w/ 46″ Gold Bronze Eagle Vane.
  • Dormers: (4) 4′ Wide w/ 36″ x 44″ Insulated w/grids & screen.
  • Clopay Garage Doors: (2) 9’W x 8’H – (2) 10’W x 10’H – (1) 12’W x 14’H
Customer Says..


I researched over 12 different Pole Barn builders and searched through every picture I could find on the internet for Pole Barns and could not find one that I liked or would meet my needs, so I designed my own. I then contacted all those Pole Barn builders and presented them with identical copies of what I wanted and the budget that I had to work with. I received a spread of over $40,000 difference in quotes for the exact same barn. Tam Lapp construction not only came back with the closest quote to my budget, but was willing to work with me on the options and many changes I made. Well, as you might expect, I went way over budget, but that was my fault.

Tam Lapp Construction not only gave me a reasonable quote, but had an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (many of the other companies were not even listed with BBB) and a 10 year workmanship warranty. Tam also gave me 13 references to contact and every one of them that I contacted was delighted with their buildings and their experience of working with Tam and his crews.

It was a long process for me to get through all the variances with the HOA and permits with the county, but after about a year, Tam’s crew showed up to build my new Pole Barn. They were patient with me and built exactly what I wanted the way I designed it. I could not be happier. This barn is awesome in my opinion. I love the way it turned out, both in the construction, quality, and looks. Most of all, my wife feels the same way (happy wife, happy home). My Pole Barn has become my “Man Cave” and I am now the envy of all my friends and the men in my neighborhood.

By the way, you know that “10 year workmanship warranty”? Well, Tam Lapp construction ain’t blowing smoke. I have 4 dormers on the roof of my Pole Barn and everyone knows that they can present problems. If you cut a hole in a roof for dormers, water will find it’s way in if everything is not perfect. Tam was persistent, even to the point of replacing the roofing panels around two of the dormers to resolve the problems and I am grateful to him and the crews that he sent to take care of the problem.

This is a great company with the highest integrity and the best construction team that I have ever worked with!

Thank you Tam, Anthony, Ben, and all the rest of the great guys that put their hearts into the perfect Pole Barn. I’ve been dreaming about this barn for over 20 years and you have made my dream barn come true. Did I mention that “I LOVE IT”? I don’t believe you will find a better company to entrust with your barn needs. If you want to come see it before you chose a builder for your Pole Barn, you are more than welcome.

Thanks Tam!

Very Happy Camper, Jim Sullivan

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