ID#: 5212

Residential Polebarn Building Thurman New York

30’W x 48’L x 10’H

Residential Polebarn Building Thurman New York

Residential Polebarn Building Thurman New York

Residential Polebarn Building Thurman New York

Residential Polebarn Building Thurman New York

Project Overview – Residential Polebarn Building Thurman

  • OPEN LEAN-TO: Width: 8′ (Gable Ends) Length: 48′ (Sidewalls / Eaves) Height: 9′ (Ceiling) Treated Y Bracing at Posts; 4×6 PT Posts.
  • 8/12 PITCH ATTIC TRUSSES 2’ O.C: 12’W x 48’L x 6’H Approx. Room Size. ¾” Plywood Floor, 3′ Wide Stairway built on site.
  • Overhang boxed-in w/ white vinyl soffit w/ painted fascia trim: 12″ Sidewalls, 12″ Gable Ends with Ridge Vent.
  • *3′ High Wainscot around bottom of building.
  • *Double Bubble Roof & Wall Insulation.
  • *(1) 36″ Cupola w/ Eagle Vane.
  • Entry Doors: (2) 3′ 9 Lite.
  • Windows: (8) 36″ x 44″ Double Hung, Insulated w/grids & screen.
  • Garage Doors: (2) 9’W x 9’H Insulated, White w/Glass, Inside Locks.
  • Building Colors: Evergreen Roof , Wainscot & Trim. White Soffit. Beige Siding.
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