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Commercial Polebarn Building Pottstown, Pennsylvania

80’W x 130’L x 18’H

Commercial Polebarn Building Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Commercial Polebarn Building Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Commercial Polebarn Building Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Commercial Polebarn Building Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Project Overview

  • Painted 29 GA. 40 Year Metal Roof and Sides with Trim Package (Rat-Guard Included) Choice of Colors with Painted Screw Fasteners.
  • Overhang boxed-in w/ white vinyl soffit w/ fascia trim: 12” Rear Sidewall / 24” Front Sidewall.
    5” Seamless Gutters_6 Downspouts.
  • R19 Wall Insulation w/White Wall Liner Panel Finish.
  • R30 Ceiling Insulation w/White Ceiling Liner Panel Finish.
  • Entry Doors: (2)- 36” Steel _Panic Bar. Garage Doors: (6)- 14’x14’ Insulated Commercial Grade_ Hi-Lift Track_ Electric Operators_4 windows each.
  • BUILDING SIZE 2: Width: 80 (gable ends) Length: 40 (sidewalls) Height: 14 (ceiling) ATTACHED TO MAIN BUILDING.
  • (2) 18’W X 12’H Insulated Garage Door. Electric Operator w/ 4 Remotes_ Interior Finished As Main Building.
  • 12” Rear Sidewall Overhang / 24” Front Sidewall Overhang.
  • 5” Seamless Gutters_2 Downspouts.

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