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    Building Size I would Like is (Ex. 30' Wide Gable x 40'Long Eaves x 10' Ceiling)
    Gable Eave
    Remember : First Number is always width which is the truss width size or gable Width" x Length of eaves or Sidewall x Ceiling Height which is from floor to Bottom of Truss. (see above pic)
    It makes a difference in pricing between a 30'x40'x10' or a 40'x30'x10'.
    Enter Building Dimension Here : *
    Please upload any plans or photos you may have to better serve you.

    *Your buildng size can be influenced by your Local Township Rules & Regulations, Please confirm with them as to what Size & Restrictions they may have before submitting quotes*
    Garage Doors and Sliding Doors I want are: (example 9' wide x 8' high
    Note: Garage Doors can be Max of 1 Feet lower than Ceiling Height).
    Please note, Door Height cannot be the same as Ceiling Height must be Min 1' Lower. Sliding Doors can be Same as ceiling if @ gable end.
    Note : Remember All Door Sizes Are Referred to "Width x Height" (First Number Being Width)

    Example: (9' wide x 8' high) This size is based soley on what you are trying to get into building and should be plenty wide and tall enough for what it is you are driving in or parking in building.

    Garage Door 1: Note : Only use Doors 2 selection if doors are different sizes. * Size : * Comments :

    Garage Door 2 : Size : Comments :

    Sliding Door 1 : Note : Only use Doors 2 selection if doors are different sizes. Size : One Way / Split ? : Comments :

    Sliding Door 2 : Size : One Way / Split ? : Comments :
    Some Options I want Included in My Base Building Price:
    Please do not select these options if you want them priced separately. You can choose to have options priced separately below.

    3' Entry Door -
    9 Lite Entry Door(with glass) -
    6' Wide Double Door -
    6' Wide Double Door with Glass -

    3x4 Window -
    Gutters -
    Cupola -  
    Options I want Price Separately from My Base Building Price so I can see what fits in my budget:  

    3' Entry Door -
    9 Lite Entry Door(with glass) -
    6' Wide Double Door -
    6' Wide Double Door with Glass -

    More than One Option may be selected to be Priced Out Separately

    3x4 Window -
    Gutters -
    Cupola -  
    Some Specific options to be included in base building price:
    Some Specific options priced separately:  
    I want my building to have: Only 1 Option Combo can be selected.

    Somethings I think you should know about my building....
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    Please review your building info request to assure accuracy and deliverability TLC does not sell or distribute this info to any third party other than TLC affiliates.
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