All of our buildings are custom designed and built. If you have an option in mind that is not listed here, tell us about it and we will do our best to incorporate it into your building design.

Products We Use

Construction Materials are used according to building design, building size and geographical location. This is just some of the quality materials that are used in our buildings.

What makes a TLC Building the BEST Building in the Industry?

Deal with a Sales Team, Experienced in BOTH the Building Industry as well in the Sales Industry.

10 Year Limited Peace of Mind Workmanship Warranty (OFFERED BY NO ONE ELSE IN THE INDUSTRY).

Minimum .60cca treated posts; These posts carry lifetime warranty by the manufacturer, except in commercial applications. Many competitors use .40cca treated posts which are recommended for above ground use only.

Minimum 8″ Thick x 18″ Diameter Concrete Footers. (Many competitors use “Pole Pills” or “Cookies” which are only rated for small residential buildings. Consult an engineer before allowing this use in YOUR POLE BARN)

Trusses with Minimum 30 lb Roof Load.

Painted Screw Fasteners with rubber gasket on all Metal Roofing & Siding.

Galvanized Nail Fasteners on all Framing Lumber.

Hurricane Truss Tie Straps on ALL Buildings (Unless otherwise noted by engineer).

Rodent Guard / Base Angle on Bottom of Metal Siding.

Posts :

  • 4×6 & 6×6 Treated .60 C.C.A.
  • Glue Laminated Posts Available.
  • Post Saver Posts Available.
  • 2×6 & 2×8 Treated Ground Contact Skirt boards.

Construction Lumber :

  • #1 Yellow Pine for all 2×8, 2×10, 2×12 Truss Supports.
  • #2 Premium Grade for all 2×4, 2×6 Wall Girts & Roof Purlins.

“What Most Competitors Use”…Short Term Product

Galvanized Corrugated Metal Roofing: GOOD PRODUCT!

Pole Barn Design Options Galvanized Corrugated Metal Roofing

Galvanized Corrugated Metal is a plain carbon steel sheet coated in a galvanizing process that applies a barrier of zinc to insulate it from the elements. Most of the corrugated roofing and corrugated siding products seen today and for many years past, have made in the galvanized finish. This coating on the galvanized corrugated steel has been the choice for years and has a reputation as a rugged product that can and will last for unlimited time on a structure. A normal steel sheet will rust almost immediately, but galvanizing will protect the steel. Once galvanized by eltro-coated and, hot-dipped process this product surface produces a silvery look or spangled finish. As a standard several of our industrial type corrugated metal siding, corrugated metal roofing, corrugated metal decking, corrugated metalpanels and accessories are made in galvanized steel. The galvanized sheets are coated on both sides, with a layer of zinc protecting the metal from the results of being outdoors in the weather everyday. Galvanized corrugated metal roofing is a durable and functional choice.

“Why Our Metal is the BEST”

Galvalume Finish Corrugated Metal Roofing: THE BEST LONG TERM PRODUCT!

Pole Barn Design Options GALVALUME steel sheet

Galvalume finish corrugated metal is one of the best corrosion resistant corrugated materials offered in the architectural roofing and siding panel market. Unlike normal galvanizing, this corrugated metal material is an actual combination of aluminum and zinc to provide excellent protection. Galvalume finish corrugated metal will give you a great product that can last longer then the traditional galvanized finish. The corrosion resistance of this corrugated metal will make this the ideal product for almost any application, by marrying the lightweight aspect and advantage of aluminum, with less chance of the material corroding at the normal stress points, and areas where rusting can start.

GALVALUME® Steel Sheet is carbon steel sheet coated with aluminum-zinc alloy by a continuous hot-dip process described in Production Methods. The nominal coating composition is 55% aluminum and 45% zinc. A small but important addition of silicon is included in the coating alloy. It is added not to enhance the corrosion performance, but to provide good coating adhesion to the steel substrate when the product is roll-formed, drawn, or bent during fabrication.

GALVALUME® steel sheet combines the excellent barrier corrosion protection of aluminum with the galvanic protection of zinc. The result is a coating that lasts a long time, a coating that provides cut-edge protection along sheared edges, and therefore, a coating that offers excellent protection to steel sheet. Although there are a few exceptions, for most applications in most types of environment, GALVALUME steel sheet is the preferred product when long-term resistance to atmospheric corrosion is desired. It outlasts a galvanized coating of comparable thickness, and offers cut-edge protection that is not available with aluminum-coated sheet. This cut-edge protection means there is less rust-staining along sheared edges, at scratches, and other imperfections in the coating. Also, since the coating is so resistant to corrosion, it retains a very bright surface appearance when exposed to most atmospheres. These attributes make GALVALUME steel sheet the preferred material for roofing.

The superior corrosion resistance of GALVALUME® steel sheet is achieved by the presence of microscopic zinc-rich and aluminum-rich areas within the coating. The aluminum-rich areas, which corrode very slowly, provide the long-term durability while the zinc-rich areas, which corrode preferentially, provide galvanic protection.

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