Below are some questions that are frequently asked by our customers. We hope that this information will aid you in planning for your new building. If you have additional questions, please call. We would be glad to assist you.

Which different building sizes are available?

All buildings are custom designed and built to the exact size that best meets your specific needs. However, using standard dimensions is the most cost effective design, resulting in a more economical price for you. See below for standard sizes.

Standard size dimensions:
– Length: (in feet) 24 30 32 36 40 48 56 60 64 72 80 96 100……………
– Width: (in feet) 20 24 30 32 36 40.

What kind of posts do you use in construction?

Depending on your building size either 4×6 or 6×6 treated posts will be used in construction of your new building. 3Ply 2×6 Glue-Laminated Posts are available also as upgrades and are used in 14′ or higher buildings.

Tam Lapp Construction also carries SmartPost as an upgrade to give you peace of mind when it comes to post rot, post decay, termites, etc….( call for more details about SmartPost).

Do I need a building permit to build a post-frame building?

Under most circumstances a building permit is required. It is each customer’s responsibility to apply for all necessary building permits and make sure that the planned building complies with applicable building codes. Each local municipality has their own building code, so you must check with them to see what the specific requirements are.

Tam Lapp Construction can provide drawings of the planned building to be submitted with your permit application, if necessary. However, if the permit application requires engineer stamped blueprints, additional fees will apply.

What must I do to prepare the building site?

You must make sure that the building site is level and a minimum of 4′ around all four sides for framing, siding etc installation(EX: a 30′ X 40′ building should have a 34′ X 44′ level work area).The site should be a compacted level dirt pad, please do not spread stone down as this it makes it inconvenient when drilling for post hole footers. Stone and concrete can be done when building is fully erected. TLC can provide Light Excavation Services also.

Please make sure that the corners of the planned building are clearly marked so that the building crew knows exactly where to erect your building.

After the building is completed, you may have to do additional site leveling & grading. If necessary, make sure that adequate grading has been done to ensure that ground water drains away from the building.

Can the inside of my building be finished?

Standard building packages come with an unfinished interior, with all the structural framing exposed. There are many ways that you can insulate and finish the inside of your building. One option is to sheet the interior with the same type of steel panel that is commonly used on the exterior of the building. You can also mount studs onto the structural framing and finish the interior with drywall, the same as a conventional framed building. All this can be done when the building is constructed or at a later date.

Horse Barn packages can include the option of finished horse stalls and tack & feed rooms. Please contact us for more details.

Does my building come with a floor?

All standard buildings come without a finished floor, with the dirt or gravel building site serving as the floor.(TL construction can provide finished concrete floor).After it is completed you can install a poured concrete floor inside of the building. The recommended floor for the common garage is 4 inches of stone and 4 inches of concrete.

Does my building come with any kind of a warranty?

Our service & quality worksmanship speaks for itself but the answer is Yes.

Tam Lapp Construction, LLC offers a 10 year Limited Workmanship Warranty, thats right! 10 years, thats how certain we are of our workmanship and we know there’s nothing better than having peace of mind when it comes to a valuable investment! (please call for more details).

Extended Warranty can be purchased.

What is the typical construction procedure?

After you have prepared the building site, obtained the necessary permits and have sent the required deposit, the building supplies are delivered to your site.

Our Construction department will then follow up with you to obtain permit number and Inspection office number to set up any required inspections, Shortly after this a building crew will arrive to begin constructing the building, simple as that!

The construction time on a typical residential garage is 2-5 days.

How Long has Tam Lapp Construction been in the Pole Building Industry?

We have been building Post Frame buildings and ONLY Post Frame Buildings for over 10 years, this is what we do everyday!

If another company quotes me a lower price will Tam Lapp Construction match or beat it?

Yes, provide us with a competitors quote and we will compare it to ours, if it upholds to our standards of quality we will match it our beat it.

Do You Accept Credit Cards?

Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express,there is a 4% Transaction Fee for all Purchases.

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