Post-frame buildings, commonly known as pole buildings or pole barns, are structures that are built using a post-frame construction design.

A post-frame design includes heavy posts that are embedded into the ground (or mounted onto a concrete pad) to act as the building foundation. Supporting columns, or headers, are attached to the tops of the posts to support the roof trusses. Wall girts and roof purlins(2×4’s) are attached to the posts and roof trusses to support the wall and roof sheathing material. The various sheathing materials used include steel, wood, asphalt shingles, and vinyl and concrete siding.

The design concept is simple, efficient and very flexible, which makes it popular among architects, engineers, and building designers. It is one of today’s most advanced wood-framing technologies with many applications and strengths.

Post-frame buildings are known for their reliable performance and ability to withstand severe weather conditions. The cost saving advantages include less time spent in site preparation and construction, using less materials due to wider openings, easy installation of insulating materials, and the ease and speed of finishing both exterior and interior surfaces.

Ideal applications include residential garages, workshops and storage facilities. Common agriculture and equestrian applications include large and small horse barns, riding arenas, run-in sheds, equipment storage sheds, dairy barns and all types of agricultural and animal housing buildings.

Modern engineering and design has extended the use of post-frame construction to all types of commercial buildings. Common commercial applications include auto dealerships and repair shops, retail stores, large warehouses, factories, office buildings, firehouses, churches, gymnasiums, and any other commercial building that requires high ceilings and open space.

“Typical Pole building Construction Process”
From Planning….to Design….to Build…we cover all aspects of Post Frame Construction.

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