Pole Building Misc Design Options

Many More Options Available Here

12″ Gable and 12″ Sidewall Overhang Options.
*Overhangs offer BOTH a great decorative and venting option for your New Pole Barn*
Fascia (where gutter would be attached to) Available in any Metal Color.

Check out our Wood & Vinyl Fencing Options to choose from.

Cupola with weathervane option

Pole barn Cupola with weathervane option


Cupola with weathervane option Available in 24″, 36″ & 48″
Click here for weathervane options

Cupola with Fixed Windows

Pole barn Cupola with Fixed Windows


Pole building Wainscoting

Wainscoting is a great and yet inexpensive way to make your building colors stand out. It is also a great option to break up high vertical spaces. TLC recommends 3′ high wainscot for buildings with a 10′ ceiling and under and 4′ high wainscot for over 10′ high ceilings.

Shingled Roof

Pole building Shingled Roof

Shingled Roof (Architectural Shingles Shown)
Also Available in 3 Tab.

Clear Side light PanelsPole barn Clear Sidelight Panels

Available in any length size

Lean-to Open Porch

Pole barn Lean-to Open Porch

Available in 2′ Increments

Electric Garage Door Opener

Pole building Electric Garage Door Opener

Electrical wiring done by others

Painted Snowguards

Pole building Painted Snowguards

Available in metal colors

Straight Stairway

Pole building Straight Stairway

L-Shape Stairway

Pole building L-Shape Stairway

Attic Truss – Room/Storage

Pole barn Attic Truss – Room/Storage

30′ Truss 6/12 Pitch – 12″Wx40′Lx6′H Room Shown.

Smooth Finish Concrete Floor

Pole Building Smooth Finish Concrete Floor

Double Bubble Roof Insulation

Double Bubble Roof Insulation

Many More Options Available Here

If You don’t see something that you would like in your New Pole Barn Please ask us about it!

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