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Features and Benefits

So, how do you help guarantee that your structure will serve as a landmark for years to come? How can you guard against premature post decay? Two words. Post Protector. Just look at the benefits you get with Post Protector:

  • Post Protector delivers a tough “Barrier System” which eliminates “soil-to-wood” & “concrete-to-wood” contact.
  • “Landfill Liner” material encases your post with an impressive 449 years of geo-application! life!
  • Lightweight, flexible & strong.
  • Simple, slide-on installation.
  • Delivers complete post protection- from the bottom of the post-hole to above grade / finished floor grade.
  • Retains typical “post in the ground” construction technique.
  • Backfill material can be soil, concrete or stone.
  • Stronger, faster, and less expensive than the concrete pier & steel bracket method.
  • Horizontal, perimeter ribs, in conjunction with provided hardware, yield substantial post uplift protection.
  • “Build It Green” The safe, responsible way to set treated posts in the ground! Chemical treatment stays in the post! Chemical leaching or diminishing chemical effectiveness over time are non-issues.
  • Framing Friendly Design – Post Frame Buildings – Flat side both inside & out to easily accept framing.
  • Vertical venting system allows the post to breathe.
  • Attractive Appearance – rich clay tone color with wood grain texture. Easily trims to desired height.
  • Get “continuous foundation” performance & peace of mind from your “post in the ground” project.

THE LOGICAL CONCLUSION – Post Protector is a MUST when investing in a pole building, deck, sunroom, pergola, or any other “post in the ground” project. 

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